Our Philosophy and Vision

Loyalty College Prep is an organization that runs a Post Basketball Program to build a solid foundation as a college student-athlete by development and grow as an individual to earn a full college scholarship.

This program is designed for student-athletes to allow a year of growth development, educationally, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Post Grad is a level above high school as you move from home/environment and have roommates, but a level below college as there is strict rules, curfews and study halls and part time academically in college hours.

Our mission is teaching, coaching, mentoring young men with life fundamentals skills, to be loyal to themselves, others, to be great in the classroom, basketball court and in life successful educated men with a purpose. It's a process.

"If there is no struggle, There is no progress." - Frederick Douglass

Our Story

Basketball has always been our passion and the love for the game to build young men. We started this program in 2005 as a select summer basketball team. Basketball has always been our purpose in life and to always do for others. The program has turned a new leaf into the post grad community that is involving around the country. We are blessed to say that we have gained enough experience in all levels from elementary to college. We have over 14 years of coaching experience to understand the process as a program. We are students of the game and understand its a process for young men. Our program is simply for players to give themselves the opportunity to grow and development as student athletes as they earn college credits. Education has always been the key and using basketball as a tool to pay your way.

Meet the Team

Enrique Juare

Enrique Juarez

Founder & CEO

From Fabens Tx Home of the Wildcats class of 1997. I know our school song since 2nd Grade. Do You?


Amy Guerra


From Fabens Tx class of 1994. Amy watches every sport including wrestling. Sports and giving back is what she loves.

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